L.J. has a unique style when he is shooting for his clients. His two signature pieces are the “Preparations Sequence” and the “Highlights Trailer.” The Preparations Sequence is shot in a different style from the rest of the wedding. It is slightly more from-the-hip and loosely structured. L.J. captures the excitement and the humor surrounding the happy chaos of the process. The Highlight Trailer includes the best video shots from the wedding, incorporating techniques like slow motion and special tints, including black and white or sepia, accompanied by a great soundtrack. L.J. will look for the wedding moments that show the best emotion and expressions of the bride and groom.



L.J. has an expertise in still photography that is as exceptional as his videography. He works discreetly and unobtrusively, capturing beautiful candid moments along with traditional family portraits. L.J. has a keen eye for detail when photographing weddings and bar/bat mitzvahs — everything from joyful family photos to that gorgeous shot of the wedding dress to those once in a lifetime expressions of the bride and groom.

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